15 Precision Agriculture Companies To Watch In 2016 (Opinion)

15 Precision Agriculture Companies To Watch In 2016 (Opinion)

AglytixAglytix (Mankato, MN)


Aglytix is an advanced analytics outfit out of Minnesota that advocates the use of “solvers” in agronomic data analysis. According to the company’s website, Solvers are advanced analytics that use multiple data sources to detect, locate, quantify, predict and diagnose crop production issues and their impact on yield. They can identify cost savings opportunities and sustainability practices at the field level. Solvers are a game changer for agriculture; economically and environmentally. One of our industry consultants that we spoke with for this piece – who will remain anonymous – had this to say about Aglytix during the nomination process: “I think the Aglytix guys with the image solvers is something new and possibly game changing as well.” Aglytix.com

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John Deere is huge and they’ve been in the business for a long time. They don’t just do business, they do it the best they can. With that said, nothing can bring them down easily. We’ll sure be surprised with what they will offer us this 2016. Thanks!
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