South African Ag Already Knee-Deep In Drones

South African Ag Already Knee-Deep In Drones

Cutting edge technology is enabling farmers and agronomists in South Africa to maximize production by improving plant health inspections, reports SGS South Africa soil scientist Johan De Jager. Drones can fly more frequently and more cheaply than traditional crop monitoring systems.


In agriculture, you can only manage what you know. Precision farming offers farmers, and agronomists, an opportunity to gather more detailed information about variability in their fields. Affordable access to drones (unmanned aircraft), equipped with photographic equipment, opens a whole new realm of opportunity.

Building on existing precision farming services, drones provide access to real time information on crop health and conditions in the fields. This new development has the potential to transform farming. At the most basic level, it will influence sustainability in farming because real time information about crop health means farmers can react quickly to any problems.

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