Precision Ag Drones Reducing Pesticide Use In Japan

Japan Precision Drone

A team in Saga, Japan, has successfully developed Agridrone, which will seek out and terminate 50 different types of pests.


Agridrone was created in a joint project of Saga University, Saga Prefecture, and IT firm OPTiM. Their goal was to find a way to reduce the use of pesticides through the rapidly growing market of drones, according to a report on

Now they have announced that successful test runs of Agridrone have been carried out over soy and sweet potatoes crops in Saga. Agridrone was successful in seeking out and destroying about 50 different types of pests including moths, midges, and whitebacked planthoppers.

Agridrone works by patrolling the fields at night when many natural predators are asleep and insects venture out from their hiding places. It also flies automatically allowing farm workers their much-needed rest.

When Agridrone spots a threat to the farm’s interests, it swoops in and delivers a tactical strike of pesticide. This can greatly reduce the use of chemicals by not having to douse the entire field in them.


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