Midwest Aerial Technologies In The Midst Of Ag Tech Boom

Midwest Aerial Technologies In The Midst Of Ag Tech Boom

Midwest Aerial Technologies (MAT), a MN-based business, is an Aerial Surveying company focusing on industries nationwide. Headquartered at the MinnWest Campus on the north side of Willmar, MAT is in the middle of an Ag Tech business boom.


“We chose the MinnWest Campus as our headquarters because of the companies that reside here,” says Matthew Rohlik, CEO of MAT. “There are research, surveying, consulting, manufacturing, construction, and agricultural businesses all stationed here and all are focused on technology.”

MAT has been busy this summer surveying growers’ fields. The aerial data is then archived into the grower’s farm management software for additional layers of information usable in the off season to adjust management zones as needed.

“The high resolution we can now achieve is giving growers an advantage they never had before,” says Phil Moskal, Integrated Solutions Manager, MidState Equipment. “We can show farmers weed pressures that can be managed and areas of the fields that are nutrient deficient. This technology is still evolving but will change the way Precision Ag is looked at.”


Through the use of manned and unmanned aircraft (Drones), MAT has the ability to survey large parcels of land for any size company that needs 2D or 3D photogrammetry and imagery. Whether it’s aggregate piles, oil wells, gas pipes or potato fields MAT has the capabilities to deliver the data needed by the customer.
Midwest Aerial Technologies also specializes in custom drones. Wyatt Peterson, lead UAS engineer for MAT, has built several drones including multi- rotor and fixed wing platforms to meet the requirements of the requested mission. “Each customer has a specific need,” comments Wyatt. “We evaluate each need and build the proper tool for the job.”

Data management is on the mind of every company. Where customer data is involved, MAT is unwavering.

“Your data is your data, period,” exclaims Russ Thorpe, Business Development Manager. “Our clients, whether farmers, loggers, or mining companies all have data that is valuable to them. We offer storage options as well as data management and consulting services to provide a wide array of options.” This has also led Midwest Aerial Technologies to partner with E4 & Sons from Woodbine, IA, as a provider for agricultural data management.

“When we started this business we wanted to provide options to industries looking at Aerial Surveying to cut costs or manage projects. Anyone with a Styrofoam kit and a camera can survey an area. What is done with acquired data is where we feel our advantage is,” says Matthew Rohlik. “We can provide data processing for manned or unmanned aircraft. How it is used will make the difference.”

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