U.S.: Evaluating the Scope of the Rural Broadband Gap

Montana State Representative Daniel Zolnikov uses his home state as an object example of how the FCC is, despite its best efforts, likely understating the scope of the gap in broadband availability for rural America. Zolnikov (R-Billings) represents House District 45 in the Montana Legislature and recently addressed the topic on Missoulian.com.


Policymakers at the state and federal levels have been working for years to improve access to broadband quality across the country. It’s a difficult problem, especially in states with predominately rural populations. While internet service providers (ISPs) in Montana have made large investments in building out broadband infrastructure, and have succeeded in providing access to many rural Montanans, we are still a long way off from achieving the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) stated goal of eliminating the rural broadband gap.

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