Proagrica: Making Data Connectivity Work for Agricultural Businesses

Proagrica, the leading provider of integrated data connectivity solutions for the agricultural sector, is on a mission: to guide the industry towards 100% connectivity and embrace the changes and benefits brought by the new data revolution.


“The industry is changing,” says Jeff Bradshaw, CTO at Proagrica. “We’re seeing it at manufacturer and retail level, and we’re starting to see it at farm level. Businesses of all sizes are testing the limits of their current platforms, and seeking better ways to integrate data to drive productivity, efficiency, deeper business partnerships and for improvements that directly bolster customer experience.”

Towards 100% connectivity is focused on bringing advanced data capabilities to businesses in the agriculture supply chain, with the aim of getting business’ own ERP systems connected and transacting electronically with suppliers and customers either through EDI, OCR or a Portal.

What does 100% connectivity mean for businesses?

  • Automated ordering: Electronic transactions remove every stage of an order that could be potentially slowed down or distorted by human input.
  • Quick response: Customers can receive a much faster response, with real-time updates directly from the supplier.
  • Improved efficiency: Eliminate the errors – and resulting costs – incurred from manual data entry.
  • Increased customer loyalty driven by accurate inventory management, intelligent customer service and delivering new services.

Although digital solutions and business software for agribusiness have previously been available, Proagrica are the first to combine the leading tech expertise of RELX with a deep understanding and experience of the agriculture industry.


Proagrica’s agriculture network is already utilized by many businesses across the world. In Europe alone, 10m messages and $750m in trade are transmitted every year via the portals and EDIs used by agriculture supply chain businesses within the network. For new users, this means connecting your business just once and instantly linking to a vast network, already populated by major players in the industry.

“Connecting to a platform not only drives immediate efficiencies” concludes Jeff Bradshaw, “but creates the opportunity to become a consumer of data creating insights into the business and a clear view of the customer. The opportunity for these insights to become new services or new ways of working is enormous and those business that grasp this opportunity will be those forging ahead in our connected world.“

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