How an Indian Start-Up Is Testing Blockchain in the Seed Supply Chain

Ahmedabad, India-based agritech startup MyCrop is currently testing blockchain in the seed supply chain to track its entire supply movement — from seed aggregators, distributors, retailers to farmers, reports Dipen Pradhan for Inc42. The move to implement blockchain is aimed at bringing transparency and authenticity and stopping spurious and low-quality seeds from entering the market.


So far, the agriculture industry lacks a proper mechanism that can validate and track the distribution of good seeds, claims MyCrop’s founder Deepak Pareek. So much so that farmers don’t get much information about the origin of the seeds they would be sowing.

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Avatar for AK AK says:

There are issues in supply chain that tech cant fix. This is absolutely not viable if you know the local conditions that exist at the moment. Throwing blockchain at anything and everything is just for press attention these days. It is taking time and resources that could be directed at finding the real solutions. Stop giving platform to attention seekers and talkers that are full of gas peddling on stage panel discussions and award circuits. More than half of those talking about AI are fake. Reporters need to also verify what they write with being on ground or through sources. Just don’t put out press releases of your interviewees as that’s what it seems like.

Avatar for James C. Sulecki James C. Sulecki says:

AK, thanks for your comment. This is just a “pick up” of a story that was published elsewhere, but we appreciate your perspective. Please contact us if you might be interested in authoring an article responding to this viewpoint for