Growers Crave New Harvest Mechanization Technologies

Growers Crave New Harvest Mechanization Technologies

If asked what your biggest issue with harvesting is, more times than not, the answer will be labor. From the largest specialty crop producers growing on thousands of acres to someone producing just 1 acre of different vegetables, everyone wants to save on labor, writes editor Rosemary Gordon for


What are your options? If you’re a small producer, you may not have the capital to invest in harvesting equipment, but there are tools at their disposal to reduce labor and help minimize worker fatigue.

Technology Driven

Many who can invest in the latest technology, however, do. Just ask Ben Puehler, president of McDonnall Harvester & Parts, a Pik Rite dealer. Based in Northwest Ohio, the company works with about 100 growers — with acreage ranging from 40 to 600 — who supply processors in the Midwest.

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