Radar AgTech 2019 Examines Brazilian Startups

Radar AgTech 2019 is the largest study of the Brazilian ag innovation ecosystem. This year’s study was conducted by Embrapa, SP Ventures, and consulting firm Homo Ludens, with the support of StartAgro, ACE, and the FEI University Center.


Radar AgTech is aimed at entrepreneurs, public policy managers, investors, researchers, and organizations related to the sector. In total, 1,125 startups are presented. The startups were divided into three categories: before the farm (197 companies), inside the farm (398), and after the farm (530). Among the data collected, approximately 90% of agribusiness companies are in the south and southeast of Brazil. The city with the largest number of ag-tech startups is São Paulo, with 262, followed by Piracicaba, with 41, and Campinas, with 38.

In the state of Mato Grosso there were 17 startups mapped. I draw attention to four that I recently met:

  • AGRONEWS BRASIL. This news site was founded in September 2015, with the objective of being one of the main communication vehicles of the rural sector.
  • Escola Agro. This educational platform brings a new understanding of agribusiness, from the point of view of the rural producer.
  • Plantae Gestão Agrícola. This software platform operates from planting to harvest, managing all the various process variables, pesticides, pests, maintenance of machinery and equipment, human resources management, accounting, and finance.
  • Unisystem. Unisystem was born with the purpose of providing a differentiated and innovative experience in agribusiness management.

Consulting Homo Ludens and SP Ventures were also partners in the previous survey, conducted in 2018 and published on the AgFunder News website.  At the time, 338 agtech startups were listed. With the addition of Embrapa, the study has expanded and now represents a wider diversity of solutions developed by agro entrepreneurs.


For more information, visit www.radaragtech.com.br.

If you are interested in investing in Brazil, contact us at www.monagriap.com/services.

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