Precision Perspectives with Jordan Winkler of Descartes Labs: Improving Data Resolution and Value


Since spinning off from Los Alamos National Labs in 2014, Descartes Labs has been focused on applying its defense-oriented technologies to commercial industries, including agriculture. It made a name for itself in the industry in 2015 when it was able to deliver a U.S. corn yield estimate ahead of USDA, moving the market 3% in a day.

This began Descartes’ journey in agriculture as part of its larger mission — joining “multiple geospatial data sources with cloud computing to bring about actionable insights across a multitude of industries,” says Jordan Winkler, Director of Business Development and Sales.

In this premiere episode of Precision Perspectives, Group Editor Paul Schrimpf talks with Winkler about the opportunities and challenges inherent on the data side of agriculture, what Descartes Labs is hoping to accomplish, and what the industry as a whole must do to get to an effective level of data utilization.


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