New Zealand Study Tour to Demonstrate Recent Advances in Precision Agriculture

If you’re interested in an intense, week-long immersion in the use of high-tech products and practices in New Zealand agriculture, then this event could be just the opportunity you are looking for.


Space Exploration Asia Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) has partnered with Adaptive AgroTech Research Group International, and in collaboration with the Massey University of New Zealand and the New Zealand Center for Precision Agriculture, to develop an exciting and intensive eight-day Study Tour to New Zealand from the 23rd October to 31st October 2017 (limited to 20 participants). The Study Tour is supported and endorsed by the Precision Agricultural association of New Zealand, as well as the Smart Farming Technology Research Center of the University Putra Malaysia.

The study tour is designed to demonstrate recent advances in precision agriculture, digital farming, and Instrumentation, with the objectives to give participants a hands-on experience and to gain insights on technology transfer through a dynamic tour of farms and facilities located in both in the North and South Island of New Zealand. The study tour offers field visits and technology demonstrations by leading farm companies and cooperatives, including visiting the world wheat yield record holder and the PrecisionAg Farmer of the Year for 2016 to showcase how technologies can be applied to increase yields and how these technologies can be customized to Malaysian agriculture productions, including oil-palm, cocoa, rubber and paddy. It also includes a study on the integration of ICT, instrumentation and ag-robotics, and how digital agriculture can dramatically reduce farm inputs and contribute to higher yield and efficiency.

The Study Tour will be facilitated by the New Zealand Centre for Precision Agriculture under the Directorship of Professor Ian Yul, who is a world-recognized expert in this field and is presently the President-Elect of the International Society of Precision Agriculture and will take over as President in June 2018. Field visits will be guided by Dr. Redmond Ramin Shamshiri, international robotic and plantation expert (on oil palm), who will also support the participants during the tour on how these technologies and solutions are used and customized for Malaysian plantations and agriculture.


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