Fields of the Future: The New Era of Digital Farming

Fields of the Future: The New Era of Digital Farming

Each farm is different. Every field unique. Farmers must rely on their knowledge and experience to maximize the potential of their plot whilst using as few resources as possible. And they are experts at doing so, according to an article on Bayer’s Can We Live Better? website.


Corn farmers in the U.S. Midwest, for example, know that timing is critical. They have learned to read specific signs when it comes to judging the perfect time to harvest, from squeezing cornstalks to spotting the ‘black layer’ in the kernels. They even have a saying, “knee high by the 4th of July,” that indicates whether they are in for a bumper crop.

And yet for all their expertise, farmers across the world are under huge pressure to improve their harvests each and every year. By 2050, the global population is predicted to hit nearly 10 billion ­– that’s an extra 2.2 billion mouths to feed. At the same time, climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme weather events like droughts, heatwaves and floods.

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