Digital Agriculture: The Hottest Theme of 2018 in Brazil

The agricultural fair circuit in Brazil has begun and the central theme thus far has been digital agriculture. With an emphasis on education and research, agricultural fairs are creating paths and examples of how farmers can be inserted into the new practices and tools for agriculture in an effective way that helps reduce costs and improve their bottom line.



Aerial view of Show Safra in Lucas do Rio Verde.


Show Safra panel on digital agriculture (from left): Daniel Latorraca (IMEA), Maurício Nicocelli (MONAGRI), Rafael Kümmel (Dr. Paulo Farm), and Otávio Celidônio (SENAR).

In March, I attended the largest state fair in Mato Grosso, Show Safra. Located in Lucas do Rio Verde, the show had more than 45,000 participants this year and generated about U$350,000,000. The main theme at the event, of course, was digital agriculture. Show Safra featured presentations by Fabio Gandour (IBM) on “How do machines learn?” and Paulo Herrmann (President of John Deere for Latin America) on “The Future of Agrobusiness”. Monagri Consulting, my company, was also part of a panel that discussed how to start a digital agriculture project.

The panel highlighted the following companies that are already present in Brazil: Climate FieldView, Farmers Edge, Strider, FarmWorksTrimble, SMS Ag Leader, FarmBox, Agrotec, Solinftec, Aegro, DroneDeploy, Taranis, Agronow, DJI Innovations, Indigo Agriculture, Blue River Technology, Precision Planting, Weather Underground, Agrosmart, and Agritask. It was an excellent opportunity to show what each company presents as a product and service and also to demonstrate user perception.

In the area of people training, Otávio Celidônio spoke about projects that are helping to train new professionals to work in digital agriculture, Rafael Kümmel showed examples of successful digital farming tools on his farm, and Daniel Latorraca mediated the event and previewed the Summit Agrihub that will be one of the largest digital agriculture events in Brazil this year, to be held in Cuiabá on April 18-19.


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