Winfield Opens Window On Answer Plot Data

Winfield Opens Window On Answer Plot Data

In 2010, more than 20,000 growers across the country attended Answer Plot Knowledge Events, where they got up close and personal with the latest technologies, products and production practices at more than 150 locations.These local education sites combined field research with hands-on training demos, allowing growers to evaluate product performance in fields just liketheir own. Now, comparative performance data from the 2010 Answer Plot Program is available on Here, growers can see data aggregated on a national, regional and local basis.


“The Answer Plot Program is critical to helping progressive growers fine-tune their operations and make smart purchase decisions in the face of an overwhelming abundance of new products hitting the marketplace each year,” says Kevin Eye, director, Answer Plot Programs and Agronomy-Seed Services, Winfield Solutions. “Because of the program’s scope, a grower is never more than 50 miles from an Answer Plot location, giving growers access to trials conducted under conditions similar to those at their own operations. With the data just released on, growers now can find comprehensive yield data just a mouse click away.”

The Answer Plot Program is founded on the R7 Placement Strategy: the right genetics for the right soil type, at the right plant population, in the right cropping system, with the right traits fed the right plant nutrition and defended with the right crop protection. Research trials highlighted the impact each of these elements can have on a grower’s bottom line.
Eye points to results of response-to-nitrogen (RTN) trials as an important finding in 2010. These trials evaluated zero and unlimited nitrogen applications at two plant populations on a hybrid-by-hybrid basis. Preliminary analysis revealed thatmore than 70 percent of locations showed an average yield increase of 80 bushels per acre compared to the untreated plots.*

New Technologies Remain Focus of 2011 Program
Planning is underway for the 2011 program, which will continue to include the newest technologies in the seed and crop protection industries. Winfield Solutions maintains strong relationships with its industry partners, including Syngenta, Monsanto and Dow. This collaborative spirit benefits growers by linking them with a broad spectrum of the latest product technologies, including its CROPLAN GENETICS seed lineup and AgriSolutions crop protection and micronutrient products.


The benefit of this third-party approach, says Eye, is that when growers come to an AnswerPlot event, they witness the latest products in the industry, growing side by side, on fields just like their own.

Eye says plans are under way to expand the 2011 Answer Plot Program from 150 to more than 175 locations, offering more local trials and even richer data. To stay up to date on the latest Answer Plot Program news, event schedules and data reports, visit www.Answer or contact your local Winfield Solutions representative.

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