WinField Launches Data Silo, Mobile App Store

WinField Launches Data Silo, Mobile App Store

WinField continues to strengthen its agricultural technology leadership capabilities with solutions aimed at enabling retailers to help farmers optimize yield potential and make well-informed in-season management decisions.


Answer Tech by WinField is a web portal and mobile app store that brings together top agronomic decision-support and management applications in one complete toolbox. Answer Tech will provide education, evaluation and access to all WinField proprietary and partnered apps.

Enabling the tools in Answer Tech is the WinField Data Silo — a secure, cloud-based data-management system created with industry-leading technologies. With the WinField Data Silo, agronomists can securely store and manage their farmers’ data for use with the tools available in Answer Tech, which includes both proprietary tools like the R7 Tool and partnered apps.

“Answer Tech allows agronomists to coordinate all their ag technology tools easily and securely,” said Dave Gebhardt, Ph.D., director of agronomic data and technology, WinField. “Answer Tech is an insights delivery system that allows apps to work harmoniously together. And, the WinField Data Silo offers a way for farmers to make better decisions by making more of their own data usable through the use of various tools.”


In addition, Answer Tech includes a unique combination of best-in-class agronomic data, weather information and data science offered through Climate Pro by WinField. Exclusively available through WinField-affiliated retailers, Climate Pro by WinField will be powered by proprietary data such as plant nutrition information from the WinField NutriSolutions 360° System, spray application guidance from the patented Spray Analysis System, and product performance and characterization information from the Answer Plot Program.

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