WinField: 3 Questions To Ask Farm Data Providers

WinField: 3 Questions To Ask Farm Data Providers

WinField’s Joel Wipperfurth On Empowering Data-Driven Decisions

WinField Ag Technology Applications Lead Joel Wipperfurth.


How many times have you heard the word “data” in relation to your farming operation over the last few years? Too many? A lot of salespeople are pushing their companies’ data with the pledge that it’s the best agronomic data around, writes WinField Ag Technology Applications Lead Joel Wipperfurth in a recent Answer Tech blog post.

How do you know which data provider is worth considering? Here are three questions to ask when a person selling ag technology and data capabilities comes to your farm.

  1. What kind of data is this?

Some companies offer crowd-sourced data, which is collected from a lot of farmers, aggregated, and then translated into some sort of conclusion about how those farmers should create their crop management plans. This is largely based on combine data, which is helpful for providing a summary of how an agronomic plan performed. But that data is from other farms. How does that apply to YOUR fields?

One way you can gain value from someone else’s data is to look at results from conditions similar to your fields. We use the aggregation of data from nearly 200 locations in the Answer Plot Program, which are taken from a wide range of environments, see how hybrids respond to seeding population, crop rotation nitrogen levels and fungicide applications. For each attribute we assign a response score that we can then tie back to the specific attributes of your fields, which serves as the basis for developing an agronomic plan.


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