Field to Market Announces New Metrics Platform Integrations

Field to Market Announces New Metrics Platform Integrations

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture today announced a comprehensive integration between the sustainability metrics and algorithms of the Fieldprint Platform and leading precision agriculture, decision support and farm management software solutions. The integration provides commodity crop producers with a seamless solution for assessing sustainability performance of their management practices by utilizing tools from qualified data management partners, including Ag Connections, LLC’s Land.db system, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Syngenta; Agrible’s Morning Farm Report; and Heartland Science and Technology Group’s Precision Conservation Management Portal, a collaborative effort with the Illinois Corn Growers Association.


This integration is made possible by the launch of a Fieldprint Application Programming Interface (API), which connects seven sustainability metrics and associated algorithms from the Fieldprint Platform directly to these software solutions, allowing farmers to assess the environmental performance of their management practices against regional, state and national benchmarks for key sustainability indicators.

“By combining Field to Market’s sustainability metrics and algorithms together with leading software solutions farmers can simultaneously evaluate productivity, profitability and sustainability options as part of their planning process,” said Rod Snyder, president of Field to Market. “This integration now provides farmers with a robust analysis of their sustainability performance at their fingertips, which is underpinned by the industry’s most accepted and recognized sustainability measurement framework.”

With the goal of engaging 50 million acres in its Supply Chain Sustainability Program by 2020, this integration will exponentially increase the reach of the sustainability analysis previously only offered through the Fieldprint Calculator, Field to Market’s free and confidential online tool for commodity producers.


Farmers utilizing any of these tools, whether through the Fieldprint Calculator or now through associated farm-management software, have the ability to document and demonstrate their sustainability performance using the common measurement framework offered by the Fieldprint Platform. Developed through a multi-stakeholder, consensus driven process, this outcomes-based and metrics-driven sustainability measurement platform is supported by more than 120 organizations across the food and agriculture industry.

“We are proud to collaborate with Ag Connections, Agrible and Heartland Science and Technology Group to integrate the sustainability analytics offered by Field to Market alongside the agronomic insights farmers depend upon,” said Paul Hishmeh, data and technology director of Field to Market. “These collaborations are the first step in bringing our vision to life—a technology landscape that offers farmers robust sustainability analytics in the platform of their choice.”

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