China To Host Agricultural Remote Sensing Summit

The 2nd China International Agricultural Remote Sensing Application Technology Summit (ARS 2016) will be held in Langfang, China, September. 27-28, and hosted by Hebei Province Spaceflight Remote Sensing Information Processing and Application of Collaborative Innovation Center, North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering, LJ TECH.


It will bring about 230 delegates, including government officials, association leaders, remote sensing institutes, universities professors, and business leaders. The theme is “Enlarge, Deepen, Perfect, Diversified Development.” Topics to be discussed include agricultural condition remote sensing monitoring and analysis research, agricultural remote sensing application technology and new equipment, wisdom agriculture, and spatial information technologies integration in Beijing and Tianjin, and Hebei region with agricultural remote sensing.

In the new stage of agricultural development, using remote sensing technology in crop yield estimation, crop growth status monitoring, soil investigation, crop ecological environmental monitoring and natural disasters, and the application of plant diseases and insect pests monitoring will encourage agricultural scientific decision-making to raise to a new level, but also will provide the high quality service for the agricultural production.

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