AgSolver Brings Precision Business Planning Tools To The agX Platform

AgSolver Brings Precision Business Planning Tools To The agX Platform

AgSolver integrates its Profit Zone Manager (PZM) technology with the agX Platform to extend its services. AgSolver is offering agricultural service providers the ability to seamlessly utilize precision ag data within tools that maximize return on investment (ROI) and reduce unprofitable acres.


“AgSolver is very excited to release Profit Zone Manager and our Precision Business Planning services through the agX store,” said David Muth, AgSolver Senior Vice President. “The data we need to better focus financial resources in our growers’ fields is largely available. Deploying our processes through agX will help us efficiently work with service providers to deliver great outcomes to their grower customers.”

AgSolver offers precision business planning products to help increase profits by improving land management decisions, simplifying mandatory compliance, reporting activities and maximizing returns for agricultural land investments. AgSolver uses a precision business planning management process that focuses on yield and revenue to maximize financial ROI for each acre and dollar of committed working capital. This methodology delivers improved financial and environmental performance through land management practices.

“We are excited to be able to extend AgSolver’s services via the agX Store,” said Shawn Peterson, agX Business Development Lead. “AgSolver’s PZM integration allows agX participants to efficiently provide additional value-added services. AgSolver’s unique approach to precision business planning will help service providers build relationships with growers by providing executable, solution-orientated agronomic plans with an emphasis around the financial impacts of those plans.”


AgSolver’s technology combines precision agricultural data such as crop input recommendations and yield, with detailed crop budgets to guide better management decisions. The technology uses these datasets to provide valuable insights that include: profit projections, high resolution crop budgets, breakeven yield and commodity pricing maps, and ROI Analysis. By integrating this technology with the agX Platform, AgSolver’s applications can add value to collected data by providing information to make improved decisions within minutes.

The agX Store is a portal that is accessible by agX users and compatible applications that are part of the agX Platform. This platform is a solution for overcoming the fragmentation problem that exists between software systems, which in turn, creates a productivity bottleneck when adopting new precision agricultural offerings. The agX Platform provides agX users the ability to access their data within agX compatible applications providing efficiency through a reduction in duplicate data entry.

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