AgDNA Launches New Campaign For Mobile Automated Precision Farming

AgDNA Launches New Campaign For Mobile Automated Precision Farming

This week AgDNA has revealed a new campaign with AgFunder to deliver all new mobile automated precision farming services to farmers and crop producers worldwide.


The new platform processes machine-generated data — such as seeding records, fertility applications, weather patterns, soil quality, and health yield — and provides subscribers with real-time, geo-spatially accurate information about the productivity of every acre on every field. No data entry required. Growers can then benchmark progress, view “seed prescriptions,” assess equipment performance, and determine what crops will best thrive under current conditions.

All of this information is then delivered in real time to a grower’s mobile device.

Developed by AgDNA, the all new farm management platform was the brainchild of CEO Paul Turner, who believes that AgDNA is 100% completely unique.


“I’m unaware of any other system that does what AgDNA does — automating data collected from farm machinery, spatially processing the data online and drawing meaningful insights from that information — delivered directly to your smartphone or tablet,” Turner said.

Turner believes the next two years for the platform will be the most exciting, with AgDNA broadening the scope of the system to include data from manufacturers in the global market. Ultimately, AgDNA will eventually become a standard for data processing, with a farmer’s mobile device transforming itself into a vital piece of plug-and-play equipment that automatically records and processes all farming activities in the field.

“Agriculture has undergone four revolutions”, said Turner. “The first was mechanization, followed by plant nutrition, and then genetics”.

The fourth, he says, is data. “The data revolution is going to maximize the benefits of the first three and help feed the world’s growing population”.

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