Annual Ranking of Agricultural Technology Companies Released

Annual Ranking of Agricultural Technology Companies Released

On Monday, SVG Partners announced its THRIVE Top 50, an annual ranking of 50 leading agricultural technology companies exemplifying the best in agriculture technology around the globe. Recognizing companies across six different technology areas in agriculture – including biotechnology, connected devices, cloud services/SaaS, robotics and automation, predictive data analytics, and next-gen farms – the list is the culmination of extensive market research, data analysis, as well as vetting and final selection by THRIVE’s corporate partners.


Launched in 2016, the THRIVE Top 50 awards is part of SVG Partners’ corporate innovation program, which brings together major corporate brands like Coca-Cola, DuPont Pioneer, Trimble, Land O’Lakes, Wells Fargo, and others with promising growth stage companies for pilots and partnerships. Top 50 startups are scouted for exemplary leadership, technology, and traction, and selected based on alignments with specific organizational criteria and industry pain points outlined by corporate partners.

“The year’s honorees span a diverse range of technology types covering everything from accelerated gene editing to novel farming systems to farm management platforms,” said SVG Partners/THRIVE CEO and founder John Hartnett. “The need for agtech innovation is more urgent than ever, and we are delighted to bring these technologists together with our corporate partners to advance the industry.”

On Feb. 7, the Top 50 agricultural technology companies will be honored at the THRIVE Innovation Forum, an annual event in Menlo Park, CA, bringing investors, academics, and corporate types together with startups to share industry milestones and opportunities. Tickets to the event are $500.


THRIVE’s categories reflect high-level themes in agriculture technology, spanning the field across the supply chain to the consumer. The categories and companies are as follows:

Biotechnology – Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Agbiome, Agrimetis, Ancera, Apeel Sciences, Benson Hill Biosystems, Caribou Biosciences, Clear Labs, Gingko Bioworks, Indigo Biosciences, Inocucor, New Leaf Symbiotics, Nuritas, Provivi, Safe Traces, and Terramera.

Predictive data analytics – Agrible, Ceres Imaging, Descartes Labs, Farmers Business Network, Farmers Edge, Mavrx, Orbital Insight, Precision Hawk, Resson, Taranis, and Terravion.

Cloud services/SaaS – Agworld, Conservis, Farmlogs, Farmobile, Phytech, Prospera, and Strider.

Connected devices ­– Arable, CropX, Hortau, Semios, Swiim, and The Yield.

Robotics & Automation – Abundant Robotics, EcoRobotix, Harvest Automation, MagGrow, Naio Technologies, and Soft Robotics.

NextGen Farms – AeroFarms, Bowery Farms, BrightFarms, and Plenty.

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