Tim Marquis
Tim Marquis is leading the ag product portfolio for Uptake Technologies. He has established himself as a thought leader for the company in agriculture and has a passion for big data analytics. He is helping guide Uptake's product suite by working with its key partners in agtech to productize data insights for growers, suppliers and agronomists that provides return on investment. The initial emphasis is on providing tools on condition monitoring and predictive failure for machinery and crop health monitoring. Before arriving at Uptake, Tim was Meteorologist / Ag Solutions Expert at Weather Decision Technologies Inc. He also worked in several aspects of meteorology, acquiring a Bachelors and then a Masters in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and Iowa State University. He acquired two years of experience working at the Storm Prediction Center and the National Weather service office in Green Bay, WI, bringing practical weather knowledge from the government sector to the private weather industry.

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