Paul Finnell
Paul R. Finnell, Sr. has over 37 years of soil survey operation and database experience with the Soil Conservation Service/Natural Resources Conservation Service (SCS/NRCS). Having mapped and correlated soils across the country has helped form his knowledge of the soil properties and how soils are interpreted across the nation.  After 15 years as the NRCS National Soils Database Manager, he retired in January 2017 to open Prairie Hills Soils Consulting.  His business goal is to provide value added products to help increase company profitability for those who use soils information in their planning processes. He spent 25 years as an agency instructor in soil properties and interpretations. His expertise is in working with clients to identify the soil properties necessary to add value to their engineering and agricultural products. Years of image analysis experience and intimate knowledge of the soil properties benefits companies that need to mine the Soils database and deliver specific interpretive value via company web based products. He uses his knowledge to help users overcome soil limitations to build solutions for their agricultural, pipeline, engineering, and wastewater needs. Visit to learn more.

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