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EquipmentDroneLife: 6 Best UAVs For Precision Ag
October 1, 2014
A UAV website has published a ranking of the top 6 drones currently available for precision agriculture. Read More
DataBig Data 2014: Protection Requires Proaction
October 1, 2014
Oklahoma State University professor Dr. Shannon Ferrell gave a wide-ranging discussion on many of the challenges facing growers in today’s automated data collection world. Read More
EquipmentAUVSI: FAA Clarifies UAV Regulation Unknown
October 1, 2014
FAA has announced that UAS operating under a COA must be registered and marked with an aircraft registration number prior to COA application. Read More
SoftwareJunge Introduces Zone Automation
September 30, 2014
Zone Automation is a new approach to ensure every zone in the plant is designed to work efficiently together in order to increase speed, accuracy and ease of operation. Read More
Face: Joe (Joseph) Russo
Joe RussoPrecision Agriculture, Then And Now
September 29, 2014
Looking back over the past few decade reveals just how the precision ag marketplace has developed and evolved. Read More
Variable RateIPNI On ROI And The 4Rs
September 29, 2014
GPS, VRA are among key discussion areas during the 2014 InfoAg Conference, as reported by IPNI director Dr. Steve Phillips. Read More
EquipmentSenseFly Joins AgGateway Precision Ag Council
September 29, 2014
Swiss mini drone producer senseFly has joined AgGateway, becoming the first UAV manufacturer to join this non-profit consortium of businesses that serve the agriculture industry. Read More
SoftwareCDMS’ Vision Goes Mobile
September 24, 2014
After a 2013 soft launch, Crop Data Management System’s Vision mobile agronomy and back office software solution is poised to take advanced ag computing capabilities where they can capture the most data: into the field. Read More
SoftwareLindsay Ready For Busy Close To 2014
September 24, 2014
Lindsay Corp. introduced a slew of new products and services recently that look to keep the Omaha-based irrigation tech outfit quite preoccupied for the foreseeable future. Read More
DataNew Precision Ag Coalition Hosts D.C. Forum
September 24, 2014
The event included a panel discussion, moderated by PrecisionAg.com Executive Editor Paul Schrimpf, featuring growers and leaders in agricultural equipment, crop inputs and conservation. Read More
EquipmentFAA: Hollywood Gets Drones Before Ag
September 23, 2014
Government and industry sources familiar with the process tell Forbes that the announcement will be made this Thursday afternoon. Read More
PrecisionAg Institute1 On 1 With Paul Schrimpf: SST Software’s Matt Waits
September 22, 2014
Matt Waits of SST Software talks with PrecisionAg Executive Editor Paul Schrimpf about the market’s need for compatibility across systems, how the company continues to work on solutions that allow seamless sharing of data and gives insight into several new SST products including the Sirrus iPad app. Read More
HardwarePlantBeat: Monitor Plant Growth Real-Time
September 17, 2014
Israel-based Phytech brought its real-time plant growth monitoring system to St. Louis to debut at InfoAg 2014. Read More
PrecisionAg InstituteBeltway Session To Share Precision Ag Benefits With Reg…
September 17, 2014
The Coalition for the Advancement of Precision Agriculture (CAPA) will host its inaugural event, the Precision Ag Forum, Thursday, September Read More
PrecisionAg Institute1 On 1 With Paul Schrimpf: John Deere’s Chris Bat…
September 15, 2014
Chris Batdorf of John Deere talks with PrecisionAg Executive Editor Paul Schrimpf about the latest with the company’s FarmSight strategy, how John Deere is responding to growers’ concerns about data privacy, new mobile technologies the company is currently working on and John Deere’s philosophy on collaborating with industry partners. Read More
GuidanceTopcon Appoints New Customer Support Lead
September 10, 2014
Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) introduces Robert Lindgren as the new director of customer support for the global marketplace. Read More
DataCargill Launches Planting Data Software
September 9, 2014
The tool, called NextField DataRx, will compete with data-analysis services from companies including Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co. Read More
PrecisionAg Institute1 On 1 With Paul Schrimpf: Wilbur-Ellis’ Matt Wilson
September 9, 2014
Matt Wilson of Wilbur-Ellis talks with PrecisionAg Executive Editor Paul Schrimpf about the latest with the company’s AgVerdict software, how Wilbur-Ellis addresses data privacy concerns with growers and why fulfilling regulatory requirements is becoming increasingly important. Read More